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1189 State Route 43
Mogadore, OH


Ohio-made Honey Wine, otherwise known as mead!

Our Mead

Our year-round and seasonal line-up represents a wide range of mead styles each crafted with the finest honey and ingredients available.  Check out the "What is Mead?" page for more info on each style.  Our goal is to continue to craft new and innovative meads so check back for new and limited run/seasonal varieties.

bananas foster forever


It is said that once, long before the Birds and the Bees, there was the Banana and the Bee. The rowdy Banana came from the wrong side of the tracks, so it was instantly a scandalous relationship. Things were hot for a while, practically a flambé. Their love didn’t last long, though, as it was steeped in good times and a heavy dose of a certain Caribbean libation. After the flames settled settled they decided it would be best to stay BFF’s.



Pollen-Nation is a dry hopped (cascades) spiced blackberry hydromel.  Pistils of Pollen-Nation are crafted in honor of the industrious honey bees.  Responsible for over one-third of the world's food supply they have worked thanklessly through the ages.  Threatened today by Colony Collapse Disorder and other man-made threats, the weight of the world is getting a little heavier for the honey bee.  Join the Pollen-Nation and click here for details on how you can help!

2014 Mazer Cup - Gold Medal Winner

2015 Mazer Cup - Bronze Medal Winner



We've taken our gold medal winning Pollen-Nation and infused it with something special.  This dry-hopped blackberry mead with saigon cinnamon is perfectly balanced with subtle heat from chipotle peppers.  Once only available at festivals and in our taproom, Chipotle Pollen-Nation is now coming to the masses.

Jinja Dragon


Spring has awoken the might of the JINJA DRAGON.  We've harnessed the power of "the glow" through generous additions of hibiscus and ginger with a touch of black peppercorn.  Sure enough, the legend of the shogun of mead is true.  Although only available for a short time throughout the year, we assure you this is not the last Jinja Dragon.

Belgian Meadjito

Summer Seasonal - draft/bottles

Belgian Meadjito is a lime and mint hydromel. Pistils of our seasonal Belgian Meadjito are crafted with 100% raw wildflower honey, fresh crushed mint, lime juice and Belgian yeast to create our unique take on two summertime favorites from both Belgium and Cuba. This light and refreshing mead is only available for a limited time.

Maple harvest

Fall Seasonal - draft/bottles

Maple Harvest is a sparkling mead crafted with 100% raw wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, maple syrup, and dark belgian candi sugar.  We then add just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger to make this mead perfect for when the days get shorter and the evenings more crisp.  This fall seasonal mead is available for only a limited time.

snowbelt cyser

Winter Seasonal - draft/bottles

From lake effect snow and nor'easters to snow rollers and polar vortexes, things can get a little crazy here in the snowbelt.  Tales of road crews using this spiced cranberry cyser to treat icy roads are purely urban legend.  Regardless of where you are, it's sure to give you a brief respite from the winter months with it's warming vanilla and cinnamon notes.  Chill a bottle in the nearest snowdrift, snap a photo, and tag it #snowbeltcyser.

Codex combustum

Limited Release  - draft/bottles

The smell of charred honey and cocoa wafted through the laboratory. We had finally deciphered the riddle of the CODEX COMBUSTUM. Would this bochet-style mead lead to world peace or global destruction? We were the only ones that knew of the relic we held in our hands, and if word leaked out it would mean imminent danger. Spies are among us though, and we know we can’t contain the secret for long. Soon the world would know…

the dispear

Limited Release  - draft/bottles

The full realization had finally set in. Every possible choice that could be made would ultimately lead them to their final chagrin. As they walked across the fjord there was not a word. The pear became one with the cardamom as a silent scream could be heard. Today marked the dawn of a new age.

gose Project: watermelon

Limited Release - draft/bottles

This gose-inspired mead is a tribute to a historic brew that has once again found renewed popularity. With their rise from obscurity, an experiment with the gose style and mead only seemed fitting. Watermelon and light honey sweetness give way to tartness, coriander, and a salty finish that targets every taste bud. A slice of watermelon just isn’t complete without a few good shakes of salt. Cheers!

magnum peach inferno

Limited Release  - draft/bottles

Ahh, the sweet life of a private dick. I was living like a king in Hawaii with hot cars and women, but the beat is always risky for a peach like me. Life was good until one day I landed in the hot seat with a tough gang of chipotle thugs. Thanks to three good friends and a couple reluctant Dobermans, I made it through. I vowed to put down the Old Dusseldorf, and I’ve been a Crafted man ever since. Life’s a peach, after all. A smoky chipotle peach, to be specific.


Limited Release  - draft/bottles

CCP, how can we explain it? C is for Coconut, C is for Crème, the last letter P, well, you’re going to want to enjoy every last little bit. Because it’s Pie…as in Coconut Crème Pie. Like, the delicious kind that gets brought to the family reunion or a picnic or something. But…it’s a mead. A mead so good it’s naughty. And, it’s made by nature (the bees ya’ll). Now bust it! You down with CCP? Yeah! You know? Mead!

criminal klp

Collaboration/Limited Release

Cigar City Cider & Mead is WANTED by Crafted Artisan Meadery for a crime of passion.  On a cool September night they slipped into our facilities, danced past the moving floor lasers, skipped past the cameras and still didn't wake the baby.  They then proceeded to sabotage this perfectly good batch of wildflower mead with copious amounts of lime, pecan, and graham.  The only evidence left behind was a simple note that stated: "Hecho a Mano".

Barrel-Aged Borealis


Barrel-Aged Borealis is a limited edition mead crafted with 100% raw wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, vanilla bean, and just a touch of locally roasted coffee bean.  Aged for one year in barrels used by a local brewery for their award-winning Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, this complex mead is not for the weak at heart. Enjoy!

Vanilla Cinnamon Mead

Vanilla Cinnamon Mead is a semi-sweet mead that is crafted from 100% raw wildflower honey, water, and yeast. A trifecta of cinnamon that includes Indonesian, Ceylon, and Saigon varieties is added during aging and coupled with Madagascar vanilla beans to impart their rich, warming flavors.

Tupelo Dry Mead

2013 FLIWC - Bronze Medal Winner

Tupelo Dry is a traditional mead crafted with 100% raw Tupelo honey, water, and yeast.  Lighter than our semi-sweet Tupelo, this delicate mead allows the more subtle flavors or the rare and world renowned Tupelo honey to take center stage.

Tupelo Mead

2013 Mazer Cup - Silver Medal Winner

2013 FLIWC - Bronze Medal Winner

Tupelo is a semi-sweet traditional mead crafted with 100% raw Tupelo honey, water, and yeast.  Regarded as the gold standard of honey around the world, Tupelo honey is gathered for a few brief weeks in the Apalachicola River basin in the panhandle of Florida.  Our Tupelo Mead is handcrafted to showcase this rare and world renowned honey.

Hop Nectar

2013 FLIWC - Bronze Medal Winner

Hop Nectar is a semi-sweet metheglin mead that is crafted with 100% raw Ohio wildflower honey, water, and yeast.  This traditional mead is then dry hopped with Cascade Hops prior to bottling for a perfectly balanced profile.  Ohio wildflower honey provides the perfect platform for showcasing the king of American hops.

Blue Honey Melomel

Blue Honey Melomel is a semi-sweet melomel mead that is crafted with 100% raw Ohio wildflower honey, farm raised Great Lakes blueberries, water, and yeast.  This blueberry melomel is then aged on French oak staves for 3 months to provide added depth and complexity.  Make sure to store away an extra bottle for later because this mead ages wonderfully.

Spiced Apple Cyser

2013 FLIWC - Bronze Medal Winner

Spiced Apple Cyser is a sweet mead crafted with 100% raw Ohio wildflower honey, fresh Ohio apple cider, spices, and yeast.  This apple pie-inspired cyser can be enjoyed year round, but with cinnamon and nutmeg notes, is always a treat when the air becomes crisp and the holidays approach.


The Hop Resinance Series is a limited release, three part series of single hopped meads.  We made a single batch of wildflower honey mead and divided it into three smaller batches with the only difference being the hops used to dry hop these meads.  The hops reign supreme allowing for the unique hop characteristics to take center stage.


Release #1 - Sorachi Ace: Sorachi Ace hops are known to impart an intense lemon flavor and aroma as well as notes of light dill, tea and coriander.  As part of our Hop Resinance Series, we've dry-hopped this 100% Ohio wildflower honey mead with this single hop variety for you to compare and contrast on your own.


Release #2 - The Citra hop is a high alpha-aced hop known to impart a smooth, yet strong floral and citrus flavor.  It's known for possessing tropical aromas of citrus, peach and lychee.  As part of our Hop Resinance Series, we've dry-hopped this 100% Ohio wildflower honey mead with this single hop variety for you to compare and contrast on your own.


Release #3 - The German Hallertau Mittelfüh hop is known to some as the epitome of the noble varieties.  The aroma is mild, complex and approachable.  It is known to impart sweet, herbal and earthy aromas with impressions of newly mowed hay, spices, dried flowers and warm forest.  As part of our Hop Resinance Series, we've dry-hopped this 100% Ohio wildflower honey mead with this single hop variety for you to compare and contrast on your own.