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1189 State Route 43
Mogadore, OH


Ohio-made Honey Wine, otherwise known as mead!

What Is Mead?

What Is Mead?

Mead, also known as honey wine, is regarded as the oldest of fermented beverage and has stood the test of time.  From the dawn of pre-history to today mead has long been regarded as a delicacy, often referred to as the "nectar of the gods".

Crafted Artisan Meadery uses the finest raw, unfiltered, unpastuerized honey as well as fruits, spices, herbs, and other natural ingredients to create an experience that is solely "mead".  Some of our meads are aged on oak and others not...oak does wonders to an already complex mead.  Our use of honey might make you think that mead is only sweet.  While mead can be made as sweet as a dessert wine it can also be made dry...and anywhere in between.  Yes, you'll find a little of "traditional wine" and even a little of "craft beer" elements but mead is an experience all it's own.  Where other beverages work within the confines of industry standards and style categories mead can be broken down into a few broad categories that allow us to be as creative and unique as we want...there are no rules.



Traditional mead consists of honey, water, and yeast.  Traditionals allow the chosen honey to be showcased and the drinker to explore the characteristics of that honey.  Tupelo, Clover, Orange Blossom, the list is long...there is a wide array of varietal honey available each with it's own unique flavor and aroma characteristics. 




Melomels are mead crafted using fruit, honey, water and yeast.  Fresh and local: any fruit can be used but we tend to stick to fruits that we can source locally to ensure the freshest and best product possible.  We build relationships with our vendors and often times find ourselves hauling a trailer load of cider or blueberries back from their family operations.  Ask us, we'd love to share with you how to find these great local farms.




Metheglins are mead crafted using spices and/or herbs, honey, water and yeast.  Cinnamon, vanilla and hibiscus are just a few examples of the countless ingredients we can use. The name "metheglin" finds it origins in the welsh  translation "medicine" where these herbal elixirs were seen as have healing powers.  We can't vouch for medicinal qualities but can say that a good metheglin is tough to beat.




Pyments are mead crafted using wine grapes, honey, water, and yeast.  While being a type of melomel pyments are worth noting for their combination of elements of both wine and mead.  While using red or white grapes honey is used to create something that is truly unique.




Cysers are mead crafted using apple cider, honey, and yeast.  Being in Northeast Ohio we are in a prime location for some of the best tasting and freshest apple cider around.  With our local sources we are usually able to begin a cyser fermentation within a day or two of the cider being pressed.  With the number of apple and honey varieties available there is an endless array of flavors to create.


Hydromels are mead crafted to have less than or equal to 7.5% alcohol content.  Made to be more drinkable than other mead styles hydromels are often carbonated and can be found in both bottles and kegs. Hydromels can incorporate any of the above mead styles as well.